“Eyes Up Phones Down !”

Fairytales …. It appears everyone left America and went to Zamunda …

(Romance isn’t necessarily fiction)

It wasn’t the dress… an XXL oversized, cream colored t-shirt, loosely fitting, barely clinging on to one shoulder and over a her 36"–24"–38" dark, shapely mahogany hued, slender and curvy frame. Shoulder length permed, brunette, hair asking me, “what do you think?” While trying on a pair of “pleather” boots, slang she called “it for imitation leather.” Trying to access whether “to charge, or not to charge” not even a question. Priced nicely on sale, below its contemporary at “payless.” The loosely fit, was translucent against the evening summer sun revealing the silhouette beneath and concealing not much of “Victoria’s…

Time to Tell the Tale

The Abrahamic Dilemma and Semitic Question

Prince S J Webber

Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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