Sylvie’s Love, an Amazon Original motion picture. Get’s 5 stars! Black Love does exists. Depicting enduring passionate love story leaving many of us remembering what is “extraordinary” and write one of our very own. Timelessness and no longer must we give up on romance and the Dream. Love means sacrifice not giving up… starring One of my favorites Tessa Thompson and Knamdi Asomugha.

Sexy is not the only thing that’s coming back!



All because

You choose peace.

A place where darkness forever cast its shadow.

Cast not the mask
or revolk one's cloak.

All is hidden inside the dark where the light did not bring its spark.

Open our Hearts free

& devoid of the Eternal

never deep within or from upon us does He depart....




Untouched & untouchables

spoiled defiled dead things

rotten before us air too fowl to breathe

the unseen unclean

those beneath us to do with as we deem necessary or damned well pleased …

imagine the unimaginable

decomposed the composition of a Life disposed

Yet still alive?


(1 March 2022)



When those Butterflies dance
& bask in pollen's nectar
Bury my Soul
beneath an old, red oak
upon a hilltop
surrounded by a
sea of yellow daisies.

Center my Heart
in & amongst the shade
for it is in need of respite,
alongside a garden
of never forgotten Hope.

Water my isolation with
Tears for growing Forgiveness
in an orchard of Kindness
& plant a Touchstone

smoothed over by hands
reaching out
in an Act of Grace
& with Time ...

One will be deemed
a righteous Man
in no need of Salvation.

Prince S J Webber
(18 June 09



My Beloved &

Dearest Jo
easy on the eyes delicious preserves
upon curves
like crumb cake

My morning


or mocha coffee

My surprise
those plum lips

I want
I partake
Soft warm skin
my fingers
to caress

ones hair
gently a mess
my mind wondering