Everyone except the Majestic actress Madge Sinclair (57), Jamaican/American (Queen Aoleon) who passed away December 20, 1995 of Leukemia. Known for her exemplary role in “Roots,” The Lion King,” and nominated for three Emmy awards leaving us with extensive acting career and in films.

Cuba Gooding Jr. (53)(young man getting his haircut at the original barbershop) had permission to take leave. Surprisingly, Gladys Night (76) “He’s Leaving Zamunda.” Salt & Pepper, Sandra Denton (54), Cheryl James (54) “…whata king, mighty good king…” blessed us with humorous parodies of themselves. Yes, of course heard from the band “sexual chocolate…”

His Excellency, James Earl Jones (90) even made pun at himself, as the omniscient, King Joffery Jaffe of Zamunda who told of his own death with explicit timing. Eddie Murphy (59)and Arseno Hall (65) brings forth this award winning ensemble cast that is both iconic and classic comedy fit for any family.

A reminiscent of the 90’s hip-hop era. I especially enjoyed Shari Headley (56) (Now Queen Lisa) and Leslie Jones’ (53) bar scene (Royal Baby’s Mama). Our cameo appearances of the lovely and gorgeous Garcelle Beauvais (54) “now that’s the Real” and still barking Bell Calloway (63) as Imani Izzi sister to our Blade, Wesley Snipes (58) still fighting the “good fight” or should I say any fight…

The Timeless, John Amos (81) (McDowell’s) legendary actor in “Roots” and long standing father figure to TV series “Good Times.”

All of these actors/actress coupled with the new generation made “our fairytales” come to life, made us laugh, sing out loud and made our lives better… Thank you Eddie Regan Murphy you made us laugh, you made a difference….

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5 stars




Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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Prince S J Webber

Prince S J Webber

Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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