Generation Self

All around me, everyone holds a cellphone, beeps and chimes are endlessly heard. Passing by thousands of people on commute, metros, sidewalks even on the job, across from assembly lines and in stores. There are two consistencies: staring and talking into a little tiny screen. This generation of narcissism and social-media while were in the middle of post pandemic where everyone wears a mask, burka or hijab like we are all ‘Muslims’ women now. We are left communicating only with our eyes and at the mercy of the ‘will of God,’ our Government.

The purpose of the ‘burka’ or ‘mask’ was allegedly to reject ‘western views’ on sexuality and an emphasis on piety. However, the contradiction is in the decorations and adornments of the mask in a narcissistic society. People taking numerous pictures of themselves. Women posted in front of mirrors to take mirrored pictures of their bodies displayed to the rest of the world at the speed of light saying ‘look at me !” desiring ‘likes’ and ‘following’ me…

The voice of God tells us to “mask up” protecting us from ourselves;

In my personal recollection, “In the Last days … men will become lover’s of themselves…”(2 Timothy 3:2) echoes following with the prophetic question, “was social media and narcissism prophesied in the Bible?” The very term, “Narcissistic” literally means “excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one’s physical appearance…” Yes I ‘googled it and I’m no Nostradamus by any stretch of the imagination.

However, I disagree with psychology’s inferences that both “Narcissistic personality Disorder” and “Exhibitionism” are ‘Masculinity’ issues or gender based, but it may be true if a person is homosexual, as a matter of interpersonal communication or how else could I consider these prospects. Is a woman more inclined to be ‘exhibitionist’ or ‘narcissistic’ if she shows off her body in a bathing or birthday suit or tight leggings? Either way these days she’s still wearing the mask concealing most of her facial expressions.

Social media, draws ones eyes or should I say focus to the screen commanding us to ‘look !!” But with all this screen watching and focusing of oneself, have we lost our sense of interpersonal communication skills with each other, eye contact, posturing and gestures. The inability to interpret our body language.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number, throwing down ain’t nothing but a thing…”vocally chimed our beautiful songbird, Aaliyah (1994) became a anthem for disrespectfully ignoring the wisdom or admonishment of elders and those senior to us, then our parents and families in the black community amongst youth leaving The Lost Generation of Manners instead of “This something I have for You it’ll never change” called Love and Respect.




Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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Prince S J Webber

Prince S J Webber

Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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