The last of Winter leaves us
as snow yields
to freshly cut greens.

Our gardening grows from the past
to be nurtured by the present.

Time passes slowly
as age turns its corner

In the beginning and ending
of a New Day.

Pretty dark high cheekbones
rise & smile,
As brotha-man pray
"Lord, have mercy !"

upon seeing the lacy
afghan sway
belonging to our
Sis'tahs full-figured sashay.

Our butterflies flutter
as Spring eyes embrace.

It's our gentle kind hearts
towards one another

besides a garden
picnic place.

Prince S J Webber
(16 June 2013)

Photography by:

#monica_ atong




Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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Prince S J Webber

Prince S J Webber

Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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