Who Am I Really?

The term “Idiosyncrasy” defines Government policymaking and nothing less for “The Enhanced Driver’s License (EDL)” has many guessing which forms will really work, I walked to the desk with my original social security card still attached to its mailing form unperforated. When I received it, I noted that the government employee who typed in the information misspelled my name, which was included on the original application and my notarized birth certificate. The early twenty-something government employee at the DMV told me that it would not suffice because “it had been altered,” I added two letters completing my name on the social security card, but that my Federal W-2 forms, bank records and voting registration card, electric bill, were all based upon the same very social security card to include my 4 other renewed driver’s licenses (in my man purse or backpack) and the current one being exchanged or updated for an “enhanced ID” even my DD214 (Military Discharge forms, no use either) have the very same social security number from this very same “rejected” government document form.

After reviewing my bank statements, my federal and state income tax forms, the verification was not there, why? Because to protect consumers and individuals from Identity Theft, hackers and other dishonest individuals either not on or on-line computer practices. The illustrious valued number is omitted xxx-xx-1234. But that still doesn’t provide us a required social security number satisfactory for a barely twenty-something DMV employee under “List C — Proof of Social Security Number” a Number that was never intended to be utilized for identification purposes. A W-2 form, only verifies that someone entered the same number # and was employed by someone else who documented deductions from you earned payroll and paid into a “social security” income fund to the same Federal Government. Does the word “triplicate” or “redundancy” mean anything to anyone. It doesn’t have to make sense to be governmental regulation or policy. Yet the perfunctory obligation exists for their amusement not ours. Leaving me asking myself who am I.

It reminds me of a story where a man entered a bank and signed a check for an extremely large sum of money with the name “Lord God Almighty.” The “teller” never looked up and asked the business executive for “proof of identity.” Another words even God himself would have difficulty providing a birth certificate, a driver’s license or social security card or proof of identity. His Son later asked his disciples “who do people say I am?”(Luke 9:18–20).

After three associates degrees, four or five resumes, a lower an average credit score and a plethora of paid or unpaid bills people still ask me when a mistake is made “who do you think you are?!” Good question but I am sorry to say until this day the answer is “your guess is as good as mine….”




Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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Prince S J Webber

Prince S J Webber

Writes Editorials, poetry and general opinions

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